Watch this space for new releases…

Time to kick Mr. Procrastination in the butt!

Late 2014 saw a short story accepted for publication in the book ‘Inspired by my Museum’ (published by SAMPAD in collaboration with the British Arts Council). Plus a couple of poems published both online and in print.

2015 was the year of permaculture and studying edible weeds.

Every year is a new step on the ladder of personal progress towards the truth and light via the teachings of The Mother (The Agenda, 13 volume series) and Sri Aurobino (‘The Life Divine’, ‘Savitri’ and ‘Integral Yoga’) with a little help from Satprem (Notebooks on the Apocalypse, 9 volume series) and Vipassana (teachings of S.N. Goenka).

2016 is my dedicated writing year. So many books to finish and even more to start.