Who Am I?

That’s a good question… “Who Am I?” Actually I’m still working on that one.

I must add here that I’m electrosensitive, which means, for me, that I can’t be in a place with any form of wireless  emf emitting technology (emf – electromagnetic frequency) without falling sick now. This has somewhat put a spoke in my wheel so to speak as the internet is now my sole creative outlet  (using wired technology and that too sparingly!). For this reason hubby and I now live a semi self-sustainable life in the countryside away from the electrosmog pollution (permaculture, chickens and lots of edible weeds & flowers!). I encourage you to seek out more information on this issue for the sake of the health and well being of you and your loved ones. For example these are great places to start:



Creative wise I just love to experiment – with my creations, with food, with life. And most importantly, I’m not afraid if something fails, because there are so many other things to try.

My art is probably contemporary/main-stream, though I’m self-taught and not very knowledgeable in that area. My inspirations are nature and the interactions between the different species, people, fantasy, life in general and a developing consciousness.  I seem to have an eclectic flair for colour, and while my illustrations have now taken form in their own style I otherwise prefer to go-with-the–flow of the moment. This is why my portfolio is quite diverse in terms of content and mediums used; and why some of it’s not so good.

It’s time for me to pursue my passion for writing and illustrating and knock Mr. Procrastination on the head…so here I am! If you’d like to publish my books the old fashioned way (on proper paper) I’ll be very happy…otherwise you can always download an e-book.

Contact me: louise.robinson108@gmail.com