What I do

People often ask me what it is that I do…and that’s a tough one to answer!

creative mix

For years I trod the corporate path, getting more and more exhausted and less and less creative… I moved around the UK; from the UK to Spain; and then from Spain to Hyderabad, India. Then, one day fine day (well, almost every day in India is sunny^^), BHAM! I decided enough was enough. I quit my job in corporate communications in the city and went to live in a village in South India close to ‘The City of Dawn’ – Auroville. The rest, as they say, is history.

From there I acquired a TEFL certificate, created a corporate soft-skills training programme and went freelance. I started to paint and write again on a daily basis and the floodgates opened (thanks to a blossoming consciousness), until I realised I had enough stuff to open a small shop….so I did! I sold hand-painted t-shirts, handmade greetings cards, painted bottles…anything I could make from almost nothing – ‘Originals’ was born. I still had to do the other stuff to make a living and so it came about that I forayed in the renewable energy field for a while, then, finally I discovered I was quite good at voice-overs.

I’ve since completed recordings for over 500 e-learning modules and product videos at different levels and on different subjects for major companies like Microsoft, Infosys, Capgemini, GS1, Ethiopian Airways and more; recorded documentaries that have been shown on the TV (in India); I’ve presented a 5 DVD series on ‘Hair bleaching’(yes, actually); I created a couple of cartoons (with a little help from the professionals) and scripts …and I even spent a year as the Sunday Brunch Singer in a top class hotel in Pondicherry (with the talented Omer on keyboards)! So you ask ‘What do you do?” and I simply say…”Oh a bit of this, a bit of that…not much really”.


Seriously though, this is what I can do:

Write/edit – all kinds of content from articles to website content, poetry and song lyrics; and now children’s and educational books.

Illustrate – cartoons, text books, greetings cards – just give me a subject and I’m off. All mediums, but pen and watercolour/pencil preferred.

British English voice over/presenter – e-learning, documentaries, kids stuff, adverts & jingles.

Sing – mostly contemporary pop (60′s to 80′s preferred/jazz/easy listening). I really enjoy harmonising!

It’s not enough?

Feel free to contact me with any creative project requirements. I can adapt to just about anything: louise.robinson108@gmail.com