This is the hot topic of the century and one close to my heart…literally.

Here I hope to share some helpful, often frightening and, if you’re a little bit ‘awake’, quite frankly stupendous information about EMF’s:

  • What they can and are doing to every living organism on the planet
  • What’s driving the insane increase in exposure levels and lack of exposure limits
  • What you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones
  • What you can do to help those around you as the number of people reporting and realising sensitivities increases
  • What you can do to drive change and awareness

You’ve probably seen what awareness of GMO’s has done across the globe, and that people really do have power which they are not using for many reasons…well, this is equally if not more important.

EMF’s are invisible but they are all around us, they pass through us and through concrete walls! EMF’s are dangerous and have been known  to be dangerous for decades. EMF’s are killing, will continue to kill and at the very least are significantly affecting our mental, physical and spiritual well-being and balance.