Chemtrail Fallout – France 2016

Still don’t think there’s anything wrong? Still don’t believe all the hype about chemtrails? This is footage from above our house in Auvergne, France in June to November. Do these skies look normal to you?


The final footage is the polymer filaments which form from all the crap being sprayed…not only are we breathing it in but the crops are covered in it and the animals grazing are ingesting it…aka you’re absorbing this through your food too!

They look. at first glance like spider threads, but it’s too late in the season for that and when I saw huge blobs floating in the sky and then the large thread with the blob in the middle spanning over 3 metres of the garden I took out my camera. Pay attention to how sticky the filaments are and how they react when played with. They literally jump back to the finger. At one point I couldn’t get it off! Freaky! They resemble cotton in some respects but with a static, gluey component.

France has suffered a loss of over 20% of it’s crops this year due to the adverse weather conditions. Plus after over 2 months without a single drop of rain and after a light shower mildew ransacked my garden…after a light shower…not a prolonged period of humidity. Normal? No, I don’t think so.



Hardly a day goes by without a sea of trails above our heads, which start small and then spread. And then there’s what we call the HAARP clouds – those that look like the sand when the tide goes out…WAVES nonetheless, caused by ‘waves’ of electromagnetic frequencies which are pounding the skies from the numerous HAARP installations across the globe – the new Eiscat in Norway no doubt is responsible for the waves in our skies.

Look up! And for those of you who can remember what ‘real’ clouds look like, start asking yourself “Is this normal?”. And if you come across these filaments collect them and make a complaint to your nearest environmental agency.

For more detailed info on chemtrails go to:

Love & light

Louise (aka Mermie)

Music: 528Hz and theta beats with music, rain, thunder and wind


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