Why I ‘Grow My Own'(GMO)

My blog wasn’t intended to be a place for controversy, but unfortunately there are so many hot topics that need airing that it seems that’s what it’s becoming 😉

These articles popped up today:




…and it got me thinking!!! There is a very simple solution to this particular issue…every responsible (living) citizen needs to boycott the purchase of any foods containing GMO corn (and it’s derivatives, and any other major GMO crop – wheat, soy, canola, etc…which means not buying anything which does not state ‘non-GMO’ on the label or anything which is not organic. The impact of such a mass action would be much greater than any ‘Marches’ or ‘Petition’s’. Hit them where it hurts, in their pockets and you’ll soon see which side the retailers will bat for 🙂

Now, the reason for boycotting GMO corn and wheat also has another angle because their derivatives addition to processed foods is not by mistake. Oh, no! Not only are they bad for you but they also stimulate your appetite – how many of you can stop after you’ve popped (remember the old ad for a certain brand of potato chips in a tube!) or put down a chocolate bar halfway, or seem to be hungry just moments after eating a meal or snack? And, as a lot of the derivatives are sugary they also affect our blood sugar levels, sending them up and down like a yo-yo as we ceaselessly satiate our cravings and hunger pangs.

Unfortunately, stopping purchase of such products means people have to stop being lazy…they may have to spend a little more time shopping and preparing food, getting a bit more creative with the budget and the recipes – you know like they did when folks my age were kids. Oh…and it means they might get a bit more healthy too as a consequence of giving the body a break!!! But of course it all depends whether folks put their life and the lives of their family OR convenience first…

As a matter of interest the boycotting of all possible GMO corn/wheat means not buying anything with wheat or corn obviously; but also glucose syrup, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), maltodextrose and a whole host of other nasties. If you suffer from Celiac Disease or Gluten intollerance then you’ll already be safe from most of the GMO’s from wheat. But, corn is another matter and funnily enough seems to be becoming another trending allergen! I wonder why? I found a couple of great lists of derivatives for both (easy when you search under the context of allergens). Note the following shockers – aspartame, sucrose, sorbitol, dextrose (and most artificial sweeteners); honey (!); vanilla flavouring; iodized salt (didn’t know that) and of course everyone’s favourite ‘Popcorn’:

wheat derivatives

Corn derivatives

Love & light

Louise (aka Mermie)

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