My God is Your God too…it’s True!

So, I’m on a roll this weekend. Another book made print ready and uploaded to

This one has a special place in my heart and it’s really relevant considering all that’s going on in the world right now – especially all the hate and death surrounding religion specific prejudices, fuelled I might add by mass controlled media!

If I had a child or was a teacher this book would be in my library” – Elaine. C. Phillips, Auroville 2011

Anyway this is a lovely little book for young children. Even an adult picking it up off a coffe table won’t be able to keep back a smile :).

“A very deep and touching concept presented in a simple, straightforward yet attractive way” -Auroposee Bardhan, Pondicherry 2011

Buy the book online – just 12 GBP

Like the other books, you can purchase a PDF direct (5 GBP payable via paypal) by mailing me:

Love & light

Louise (aka Mermie)

Ps. Please share the link!








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