‘Peepoo’ released on Lulu.com

I finally got off my bum, or rather sat on it, and created the files for the release of ‘Peepoo the Jumping Spider’ a little creation of mine from 2012.

It’s a colourful little rhyming story about Peepoo the Jumping Spider (funnily enough 🙂 ). Perfect for little minds and it makes the adults smile too, well it makes me smile every time – though I’m not sure what that tells about my mentality, hehehe.

Buy it now online now -Just 15GBP!

Make someone smile today…



Buy it direct for a Fiver

If you’d like a PDF version for the tablets/pads dare I say it…eeeks…or preferably to show the kids on a desktop computer with cables and everything…then you can buy direct through me (payment via paypal) for a fiver! Yes, just 5GBP!!!

Love & light


Ps. if you don’t have kids then share the link with those who do. Remember us EHSers have to supplement our living somehow (wink wink).

Pps. and don’t think the author gets the full price of the book either, lol…for every 15 quid I get 5! That’s commerce and indie publishing for you.


email me at: louise.robinson108@gmail.com



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