Patch i’T’ up

This isn’t a long post but rather a demonstration of how to put old t-shirts to good use.

I recently, well about 6 months ago, did a swift ‘outing’ of old t-shirts – some had shrunk or the sides had gone squiffy, some were just bad buys, but some were old favourites I was sad to see had started to look awful in the light of day. It seemed such a waste to just chuck them away…so I started snipping and before I knew it had a nice pile of squares.

A couple of hours later (I still do it all the old fashioned way, by hand) and I had a couple of recycled t-shirt patchwork cushion covers. I used some plain cotton offcuts to back them and made them with a fold-over inside so I didn’t need to use a zip…easy peasy lemon squeezy 🙂

I thought you could quite easily do this with the favoured clothes of a loved one who has passed away. It would make a lovely way of keeping their memory alive and more personal than a photo in many respects.

Plus here are a couple more cushion covers I spiced up over the years. In France it’s easier as they tend to have square pillows instead of rectangular ones, kind of a one size fits all. So I simply wait for the sales and buy the odd pillow cases they have left over from that year’s ‘a la mode’ selection and then add a bit of zippity zap!

Have fun!

Love & light
Louise (aka Mermie)


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