ELF – not a friendly little pixie!

As I was glancing quickly over the latest YouTube offerings this morning I came across this little gem from way back (it was uploaded by NZTrillion in 2010 but is likely part of an episode of the History Channel from before then – if anyone knows what the whole episode was called I’d love to find it):

This is what they’ve been doing for years already…there’s no doubt about it! What ever you think they couldn’t possibly do is what THEY are doing, with your money, on your planet, destroying your resources and endangering your life!

ELF or Extremely Low Frequency is just another name for electromagnetic radiation or EMF. It’s like with the GMO corn and wheat scenario, they create pseudonyms to confuse people. But what is very clear is that although the earth needs a certain amount of emf and that most of life vibrates according to certain frequencies which are EMF in nature (Schumman Resonances for example). If you play the short NASA created video on the Wikipedia link highlighted for Schumman Resonances you’ll notice that the ionosphere keeps the EMF’s inside a bubble around the earth, which means that when they talk about the waves ‘dispersing’…well they do, but they don’t. They have nothing more to do than circulate. And the more we emit the more are circulating. Plus, as these are ‘electric’ in nature you might now understand why storms are increasing in their strength and why reports of aggressive lightening are getting more frequent.

We are creating an electric planet, or rather THEY are, which will have no other option than to ‘Explode’ in some form or another (earthquakes/volcanos/the perfect electrical storm or simply a big bang!) unless we reduce the emissions (electricity, static and EMF’s) being generated. Is that why they are playing with the ionosphere? Are they actually trying to punch a hole in it in the hope of releasing some of the pent up energy? And…who gave permission for these idiots to experiment with our planet when they don’t even advocate certain clinical trails on humans in the labs.

Do some research on HAARP, Chemitrails, EMF’s, Transhumanism (especially on YouTube and especially talks by Sofia Smallstorm)…see the facts for yourself and then YOU decide if you’d rather bury your heads back in the sand or stand up and be counted as saying ‘NO MORE!’

And even if you want to stay in your comfortable little bubble until it’s all over, share the info so others may make up their own minds 🙂 Here’s something a little light hearted to get across an important message – You can find more great tracks on their channel, thanks NZTrillion:

As they said in the X-files “The Truth IS Out There”.

Love & light



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