Blinded by Science…

Anyone trying to work out whether they are exposed to levels of electromagnetic radiation which exceed that which the body can cope with will no doubt take one look at all the measurements and decide that the experts must know what they’re talking about. Why? Because humans are like that. When things, especially technical things, get complicated we tend to switch off. As long as the gadgets do what they say they will we don’t care really if they’re safe…because they wouldn’t sell them to us if they weren’t would they!

Teslas, microteslas, nanoteslas, gauss, milligauss, microgauss, hertz, volts, watts, milliwatts, ams, milliamps…and all these by the square metre or square centimetre…and no-one talking in the same measurements…aaaargh!!! WHAT???

See watt I mean (pardon the pun). It’s a minefield of measurements all meant to confuse people, on purpose, because if folks understood what it all meant then they would also understand the dangers they are facing every second of every day from the ever growing blanket of electrosmog. And if they understood that they’d stop funding one of the most profitable industries in the world – standing next to oil and pharmaceuticals…and in fact hand-in-hand with both!

As David Icke would say “Problem-Reaction-Solution”. The Communications Industry and it’s technologies rely on power and plastics, which rely on oil for production. Communications as they are (all things which rely on electromagnetic frequencies – all wireless forms of communication, all wireless and bluetooth devices, mobile towers and phones, etc) are having a major impact on health and wellbeing, hence in steps big pharma…which also uses a lot of chemicals derived from, you got it, oil. It’s all about the money and they’re all in it together! So, why on earth would they admit there’s a problem, and why would governments admit there’s a problem when they rely on the taxes from all the spending to fill the coffers so they can spend millions of dollars of tax payers funds on lavish ‘Climate Conferences’ across the globe in the name of helping us poor unfortunate humans

This smog is literally everywhere now and for those of us who have developed a sensitivity to it’s presence in it’s different forms (pulsed electromagnetic radiation, dirty electricity, low frequency, radio frequency…generally all things electromagnetic, including that in the earth, from the sun and in the charged particles of aluminium, barium and strontium floating in the air from the chemitrails)–life Jim, is not as we knew it!

With the thought of trying to demystify the measurements somehow I dug out the instructions to my Cornet ED-78S Electrosmog meter, which is my saving grace nowadays when looking for a little safe hole to retreat to when out and about (which isn’t often and there aren’t many safe holes). Along with this I also used the helpful content ( from a recent site I found whose owners kindly said I could share their findings – it’s definitely worth a look.

So here’s a brief idiots guide (I include myself in that category, lol) to understanding EMF (electromagnetic frequency) measurements so that you might be able to see why we’re making such a fuss about it.

RF = High frequency electromagnetic waves (radio frequency/microwaves) (what the towers, wifi, mobiles and dect phones emit)

LF = Low frequency magnetic waves (generally from electricity and electrical appliances, but also from cars and trains and especially dirty electricity)

Now, I found that the problem I faced when trying to understand measurement was the following:

One site I found explained the conclusion of the Bioinitiative Report (2010) in terms of milligauss and ‘magnetic fields’; while the actual report talks in nanowatts, microwatts and picowatts per square centimetre and RFR (radio frequency radiation); and my meter was set to measure in v/m (volts per metre). I found converters and tables which gave v/m to w/m2 (volts per metre to watts per metre squared but not to mw/m2 and I’m still not sure if mw = milliwatts or microwatts. Hmm…you see the problem?

So, for example, I had a measurement in my old place of 0.2500 v/m (volts per metre), at and over which makes me feel exhausted, migrainy, short of breath and when exposed for more than one day sets off eczema in my ears and at the base of my skull which took me over 6 months to get rid of when we moved. The measurement in my new isolated retreat is 0.00147 v/m, which is lovely and calming and regenerative. But, when I go to the supermarket it measures up and above 1.5 v/m and recently when I visited the neighbour’s house to wish them happy christmas their wifi and dect phone combined went over 24 v/m! Kindly they rapidly unplugged everything so I could have a coffee with them and recover my heart rate which had raced dangerously on entering their living room.

Now then, how does all that compare with the Bioinitiative’s ‘safe’ level of 0.003 uw/cm2 (nano watts per centimetre squared) was what I wanted to know to start with. And then how does it compare with the European standards (if there are any as such). You can watch this if you’re already too confused…they work in microwatts per metre squared:

Ok, and this is today that I’ve done this, first off I changed the reading on my electrosmog metre from v/m (volts per metre) to mw/m2 (milliwatts per metre squared)… It seems there is now some correlation to my reading in that at least the current one is in the ‘watts’ range, so far so good. I looked at all the charts, scratched my head and then had a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate.

Hmm. Next to convert my v/m readings to mw/m2…another cup of coffee and I realised I’d eaten a whole bag of chips as I was contemplating the calculations. I don’t know about the waves being bad for the health but the calculations are bad for the waistline, lol.

Right I have this in v/m:

My safe level: 0.0147 v/m

My set off level: 0.2500 v/m and above (actually it’s less than that now but this will do

Normal shop level (and normal 4G cell tower, smart phones and wifi level!): 1.5 v/m

Time to get out of there level (DECT phones and smart meters):24 v/m

and I was trying to find out what this would be in mw/m2 without having to go next door and to the supermarket and back to Paris to take new readings, but it’s not possible! So I had to settle for converting to w/m2 so I could then ( I thought) convert to mw/cm2, which came to this using an online calculator (

My safe level: 5.732e-7 w/m2 or 5.732e-8 mw/cm2…erm, what??? What the heck’s 5.732e-7 when it’s at home?

Yet my safe level now reads 0.0005 mw/m2 on the new setting, and that would mean dividing the w/m2 by 10,000 but I though these things were divisible in 1,000’s not 10,000’s.

Feck it! I’ve got no more of my post-menopausal snacks to gorge on, it’s time to feed the chickens and I have only managed in the last 3 hours to discover that the reading of my safe home is 0.0005 mw/m2 whatever the hell that means in terms of nano watts! Plus, 0.2500 v/m is the reading I used to get from my PC screen (which is now 0.2584 mw/m2…not sure how that works out as it seems to be the same as before with different letters after the reading!) which probably explains the gobble-de-gook now spewing forth as my brain is fogged by the smog.

So you see, the scientists and the industry have got us by the short and curlies…they have, as Thomas Dolby had it right in the eighties – ‘they’ve blinded us with science’ inm more ways than one.

If you’re feeling brave you can always have a go yourselves using the following useful links:

I shall conclude myself by adding a final finding, after a deep breath and perseverance…the following chart at least converts the microwatts per m2 to microwatts per cm2 🙂

Image taken with kind permission from:

And with that I bid adieu for today and rest comforted in the fact that at least I have been blessed with the sensitivity to feel danger head-on so to speak so that I can spend as little time as possible in it’s presence.

There are many around who speak of curing the symptoms of EHS/EMF sensitivity, and that’s great news…it means you can get rid of the terrible side effects so you can remain in THE GAME. It will keep you exposed, it will keep you working in dangerous environments, it will help you forget there’s a problem because out of sight is out of mind. It’s a bit like taking those hangover pills before you go on a drinking binge… Safe? Sensible? Good for your health? It’s the same as curing a smoker of lung cancer so they can continue smoking. It’s time to eliminate the cause of the problem before it eliminates you. Nuff said 🙂

Love & light


Featured image from: hope they don’t mind 🙂



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