The Renewables Family

Even though I don’t really use FB anymore I still maintain my creative pages ‘just in case’ someone might find something interesting and want to collaborate to bring me to the market so to speak ;). What I’ve found amazing is that I seem to be getting more interest now I’m not posting on the pages than I was when I was posting, lol, go figure.

Anyway, as it’s the Renewables Family page that’s been getting an airing I decided to give Ernie G. Renewables (energy renewables…get it!) and family a little PR boost. I do have a second script almost ready so maybe I’ll put together a couple of little ebooks as the cartoon was really a one off opportunity that I’ll always be grateful to eQuire Technologies in Pondicherry for.

So here you go if you haven’t seen the first episode. Would love your comments and ideas on how to move forward. I think I could now happily introduce more of the permaculture concept into the storyline…hehehe, and I did once dream up an episode of the Simpsons where the long lost relatives the Renewables came to stay :D, and imagine the Renewables as the kind of characters you’d see in a Disney or Macy’s parade – kind of ambassadors for renewable energy – there’s no harm in dreaming:

Love & light



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