Me on ‘writing’…

Me on writing…

They say you should just get on down and write…write when the experiences are raw, when the memories are still fresh, while the sensations are still electrically charged and real (as real as they can be). They say you should just write and not worry about the typo’s or the punctuation. Me I really enjoy writing, I love writing on paper, the old fashioned way. To open a solid book of blank pages, smooth and shiny, smooth and matt are my favourite kinds of pages to write on; white or ivory is best. But it doesn’t really matter – much, lol. I’ve written on serviettes, on empty cigarette cartons, on torn beer mats, on many things just because I had an idea that wouldn’t go away; a few words tap, tap, tapping in my mind, begging to be released into a poem or a musing. I’m learning to listen and to write when the fancy comes but it’s not easy because I’m quite tamasic (lazy to the laymen). I think to myself ‘Oh okay there’s a thought, I really should write that down’; and then ‘Oh, it’s okay I’ll remember it, I’ll do it in the morning (because I get a lot of my thoughts in the evenings, lol).’ Morning arrives and I remember (at least I do that) that I had a thought about something really interesting that I should write about…and then I think and think, I wrack my brains…nothing, absolutely nothing comes, not even the damned idea. Shit! Lazy cow I think to myself, you should have written it down last night. You should have got your lazy ass out of bed and dragged it 10 feet to the desk and written it down! Stupid cow!

So anyway, that’s what’s got me to start this this morning. Of course there’s always the hope that I’ll sell my books and become a literary star, lol, but for that you first have to actually write a book. I tend to digress as you’ll come to learn if you ever read more than one posting. I can be a bit dipsy, a bit blond. I’ve done things and gotten into situations that I’ve thought previously after reading of others who got into such situations, “Oh how stupid can you get, I’d NEVER let myself get into that kind of situation. How on earth did they not see it?”… and yes, you guessed it, one fine day I suddenly realised “Fuck! That’s me! How on earth did I not see this coming?” Lol. However, I’m really and truly grateful to the Divine for helping me to be in a position to view the situations as learning curves (latest fashionable business phrase) and to use them to analyse myself, my life, those around me; to enable me to grow and move forward towards that which is greater than anything, towards that ‘thing’ which I now realise is part of the work I’m supposed to do, to help realise the supramental on earth, to play a small, tiny part in the coming of the new species – even if I may not be around in this body to actually see it.

Back to the first lines, lol. You see I know that I’ll never have a best seller if I don’t write. So I’m writing. Rubbish? maybe. Interesting? to some. Print worthy? Why not, I’ve seen worse 😀

Write, even when you don’t feel like it. Write in the night. Write in the day. Write in the toilet (maybe not). Write at a table. Write on your lap. Lie on the floor, in the grass…just pick up the pen and write. and if all else fails you can plonk yourself down in front of the computer and write like a manic for a few minutes, like I’m doing now. Just write, don’t worry about what comes out and be grateful for technology, grateful that what you have just written would have taken at least half an hour if you’d written it on paper. Grateful that you don’t have to finally transcribe it to edit it. You can simply copy and paste, cut and delete…wipe it all into oblivion if you like (oh, I did that with my paper diaries…and then kinda wished I hadn’t because I forgot to scan the images I wanted to use first…hehehe…bugger, never mind, let’s just view that as my equivalent of a buddhic sand mandala). Of course I seem to be able to stand the PC lewss and less these days with the ehs problem but I still try and get as much out of it as possible while I still can. Maybe that’s why I feel an urgency at the moment to finish some things that the PC will make easier…or will disappear into oblivion without it.

Write as you speak, write as you think, write as you like…just WRITE, WRITE, WRITE.

Thank you for the inspiration this lovely snowy, freezing cold January morning.

Love & light to all


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