To BE or not to BE…

To Be or not to BE…that is a very interesting question. Or more to the point: Why ARE we? I did what I do many mornings after my daily Sudoku and meditation; I take a book (normally the Mother’s ‘Agenda’, whichever volume I’m reading at the time – but this time it was the book ‘Rebirth and Karma’ by Sri Aurobindo) and I make a silent prayer for inspiration or guidance for the day…this is what came yesterday morning. It is in relation to the evolution of our species. I had to reflect on it a while before sharing πŸ™‚ The whole text of this particular essay was originally printed in the periodical ‘Arya’ in 1919 and is here in pdf format (Involution & Evolution ). Note: This should not be misinterpreted that we should BE according to our individual desires, because this is where we are going wrong. I see it as BEING in the sense of aspiring to rediscover, uncover, develop and release the psychic being in order to reconnect with THAT which IS, to surrender all that we are and all that we do to the will of that which knows best what to do and what is to be done…and that is not easy πŸ˜‰

I & E sri aurobindo

β€œOne looks on it and sees a miracle, another speaks of it as a miracle, as a miracle another hears of it, but what it is, for all the hearing, none knoweth.” We know that an evolution there is, but not what evolution is; that remains still one of the initial mysteries of Nature…”

“…Therefore all this evolution is a growing of the Self in material nature to the conscious possession of its own spiritual being. It begins with form – apparently a form of Force – in which a spirit is housed and hidden; it ends in a spirit which consciously directs its own force and creates or assumes its own forms for the free joy of its being in Nature. Nature holding her own self and spirit involved and suppressed within herself, an imprisoned master of existence subjected to her ways of birth and action,– yet are these ways his and this spirit the condition of her being and the law of her workings,– commences the evolution: the spirit holding Nature conscious in himself, complete by his completeness, liberated by his liberation, perfected in his perfection, crowns the evolution. All our births are the births of this spirit and self which has become or put forth a soul in Nature. To be is the object of our existence,– there is no other end or object, for the consciousness and bliss of being is the whole beginning and middle and end, as it is that which is without beginning or end. But this means in the steps of the evolution to grow more and more until we grow into our own fullness of self; all birth is a progressive self-finding, a means of self-realisation. To grow in knowledge, in power, in delight, love and oneness, towards the infinite light, capacity and bliss of spiritual existence, to universalise ourselves till we are one with all being, and to exceed constantly our present limited self till it opens fully to the transcendence in which the universal lives and to base upon it all our becoming, that is the full evolution of what now lies darkly wrapped or works half evolved in Nature. ”

An excerpt taken from Sri Aurobindo’s essay entitled ‘Involution & Evolution’, originally published in the periodical ‘Arya’ (issue 07), 1919. Photo courtesy of SA Ashram archives. All rights reserved by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry
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