Lifi goes live in Perpignan hospital – Deployement du Li-fi dans l’hopital de Perpignan

The next stage of lunacy…yet another technology comes in to try and cover up the mess made by wifi. You may wish to question if wifi is safe then why do we need an alternative? It’s a bit like CFL bulbs! Remember, those lovely eco saving light bulbs we were all forced to buy across the globe, by law, to replace incandescents…which are now being withdrawn due to safety and environmental concerns.

You can check out more about Lifi on Wikipedia (note the proximity to UV which is a proven carcinogen! I’m no scientist but…surely common sense would ring some alarm bells!) (And I’m also wondering how it will affect folks suffering from fits usually brought about by flashing lights?)

You know there are many things we can’t see that affect our well-being and humans shouldn’t mess with them – ionosphere, radiation of all kinds, air, atoms, gravity to name a few…

Wake up folks and keep to the cables!

Love & light


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